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There are books by their manifest originality, its revolutionary character or intrinsic coincidences of life,  are considered classics of literature practically from the time of publication. The greatness of The Catcher in the Rye PDF lies primarily in the dramatic impact that occurred in American society the release of this great little atlas of adolescent psychology, eco impact which continued to resonate almost as hard for several decades. So much so, that the work of Salinger has not only become obligatory and cult novel reading for millions of young people and others who are less so, but, The Catcher in the Rye  leads being studied in institutes Americans for quite some time. What does this book 60 years after its first edition still amaze countless readers around the globe? We invite you to discover.
Title: The Catcher in the Rye
Author: JD Salinger
Publication year: 1951 (2010)
Genre: Novel, drama, classical
Publisher: Alianza Editorial
Pages: 288
RRP: 9.00
ISBN: 9788420674209
The adventures of teenager Holden Caulfield in New York recovering from the war influenced successive generations around the world. In his sincere confession and openly, far from the syrupy view that prevailed adolescence until then, Holden reveals the reality of a boy facing the school failure, the rigid rules of a traditional family, the experience of sexuality beyond the mere desire.
One of the first things that came to mind just before starting The Catcher in the Rye pdf full was that feeling of anxiety at the prospect of not enjoying a book of this caliber. Because when it comes to reading so well known, acclaimed and significant novels in the history of literature, it is inevitable that such concerns. Is it as good as they say? Will I look faced panic if I say no I liked the book? Could it be that the title in question is too overrated and that their success is just a series of fortuitous circumstances, framed in social, economic or political situation determined? Certainly there are many works that are devalued over time and that the contribution of some novels to the world of letters can only be understood within their respective historical context, but a striking feature ofThe Catcher in the Rye  PDF free download is far from limited to deepen the conflicts in Latin rancid and conservative 50s, the problems plaguing its protagonist still valid today, showing an incontestable and lasting truth: society changes, but the individual no.

“If you really care about what I’ll tell you, you might first want to know is where I was born, and what my childhood was disgusting, and what my parents did before having me, and all that crap David Copperfield style, but if want the truth I do not want to talk about it. “

Holden Caulfield is the perfect example of a teenager, not misunderstood, but he does not understand . He is a boy of seventeen, from a wealthy family, which has just been expelled from school umpteenth time, repudiated by an inflexible, inefficient and unsatisfactory education system. Although its appearance may appear more years than he actually has, it is true that his behavior and his personality show a palpable immaturity . Her relationship with her ​​parents is not it very buoyant, and the possibility that it shipped to a military academy when they hear his umpteenth academic stumble, Holden decides to run away from the school where he spent his last days on vacation and undertakes a trip to New York to take you to explore some of the most intimate aspects of his person.
Through Holden thoughts and impressions about the world and the people around you, we observed a remarkable ability to signal qualities hypocrisy, narcissism or falsity , a concept that is repeated numerous times throughout the novel to the point of exasperation brush. The falsity of speaking Holden throughout history has little to do with what we understand by that term; this is a reference to any behavior that is minimally governed by social norms and conventions, agreements that the young protagonist does not understand and rejects . It also explores in depth the sexual curiosity of Holden as the boy develops ineffectively in the field of romantic relationships, a field in which despite its own impulses of age, does not seem too comfortable or have the Ideas too light. On his way Holden will intersect with many characters, some new and some directly related to their past or with a family member, which grounds provide different views on the adult world, but unlike other similar stories, not seen in the Catcher in the Rye PDF download a clear evolution of the protagonist, who at the end of the novel suffers from exactly the same shortcomings own age at the beginning of it.
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“This guy fall for you I think you’re headed is a very special type awful. At that falls not allowed to hear, or feel you have reached the bottom. Just keep falling and falling.”

This wide variety of topics and situations is more attractive considering the rough, casual and provocative language used throughout Salinger’s novel. Another feature that attracts attention but if you’re not used to it may seem unnerving is the limited vocabulary which boasts Holden. Throughout the chapters not fail to find expressions like “uncle”, “jo”, “for the love of God,” “false” and the ever-grating “and that”. Although below their vulgar expressions and their absolute inability to express their ideas in an orderly, one simply overwhelming personality hides . Critical, contradictory, liar, passionate, impulsive, lonely, melancholy, Holden Caulfield shows a manifest disregard for the system and its rigid rules, imitating behavior patterns that he repudiates. On the other hand, the protagonist of The Catcher in the Rye shows complete devotion to his brothers and towards young children in general, trying by all means to protect that childlike innocence that he is beginning to lose.
Discover why the title Inspired by a poem by Robert Burns which relates to some themes of the work of Salinger, was an event, because one of the things I liked most of the novel is a lot of symbolism related to the passage time, the responsibilities of the adult world and the drama of growing appearing in it. It is true that it could be difficult to get used to the particular narrative style of Salinger and on more than one occasion you will want to slap the protagonist, but  The Catcher in the Rye finally I found a delicious novel, Learning, a sort of handbook where each page contains wonderful lessons, a story to reflect long hours , a book whose protagonist is almost impossible not to be identified. For these and many other things, it is clear that his exalted position in popular culture is more than justified. Even if you’ve read and have not liked (maybe even hate it), do not feel like a freak. After all, perhaps worst of the novel is the excessive legend that precedes it.

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